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Welcome to the Changing Room Knowledge Base


- Read independent information about working in culture in Europe

- Add your own tips or write your own articles

- For everyone interested in working in culture in another European country

Share your first-hand knowledge, experiences and tips with your colleagues across Europe! In the Knowledge Base you can, just like in Wikipedia, easily edit, add information and write your own articles. The site has been set up specifically for the culture sector and now starts its development towards becoming an independent information resource for everyone interested in working in another European country.

The Knowledge Base is one part of the CHANGING ROOM Toolkit, which is developed within CHANGING ROOM, an EC funded mobility pilot project run by the European network of independent cultural centres, Trans Europe Halles in collaboration with Melkweg and Sibelius Academy.


Adding new content or edit the content of a page only takes a few clicks:

1. Click the Edit tab on top of the page you would like to edit. As you will see, all the content of the page, plus some code (looks like strange punctuation) then get visible in a text editor, that you can make changes to.

2. Add/edit the content as you like directly in the text editor. If you are just writing simple text you don't have to care about the code at all.

3. Click on Save Page and you will see the changes. If you add a lot of content it's good to save it in between (and then click to edit again and continue editing).

What's in the Knowledge Base

Need Help?

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