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(here you can get some help on adding your content in this Knowledge Base)

Hi there!

my name is Francesco and I'm the developer of the Knowledge base. This website has been created with the same software as Wikipedia which makes it possible for everyone to add or edit the information at the site. Just like in Wikipedia you will see some of the code when you add or edit information, but don't worry, you don't need to learn how it works or even understand it to be an active user of the Knowledge base. What's even better; even if you delete content/pages, or make a mess, we (or any other user) are able to revert the changes you make with one click so, once again, DON'T WORRY, do the best you can and if you make any mistakes somebody else will fix it (without shouting at you :)

To get started, just follow the 3-step guide below, and if you would like to learn more about how to format your text, add links or images, go on reading the "HOW TO" pages.

So, just give it a try, every minute you invest on understanding how the wiki-world works will be well rewarded.


Adding new content or edit the content of a page only takes a few clicks:

1. Click the EDIT tab on top of the page. As you will see, all the content of the page, plus some code (looks like strange punctuation) is then visible in a text editor that you can make changes to.

2. Add/edit the content as you like directly in the text editor. If you are just writing simple text you don't have to care about the code at all.

3. Click on SAVE PAGE at the bottom-left of the page and you will see the changes. If you add a lot of content it's good to save it as you go along (and then click edit again and continue editing).

Good luck!, and feel free to contact us anytime.


ps. See also the FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How to

How to add content or edit the content of a page

How to add a link

How to add an image

How to create a new page

How to be notified when the content of a page changes

How to correct a mistake

How to add the Facebook comment box in a page

How to add a video in a page

Note: you can always "play around" by editing the content of the Testing Page (do anything you want there).

External Help pages

Since this Knowledge-base works exactly like the Wikipedia for more detailed Help take a look at the Wikipedia Tutorial or the MediaWiki Help page.

Need more help? add a comment here and we'll be back to you right away


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